Whether a painting, or a century old famous poem, the origination of these works of art is in the heart and mind. The artist takes his or her expression and manifests it into the appropriate canvas, for us that canvas is your home. We listen to you, help you take what is in your heart and mind, and create spaces that allow you to express yourself and appreciate the beauty of life with those you love.


At HGC, everything we do begins and ends with relationships. Our process begins with a personal consultation focused on building a relationship of trust and collaboration. We make every effort to get to know you, your dreams, your vision, your expectations, and the desired over all feel you want to create for your new home. We want to have as much information as we can in order to craft a custom design that fits you perfectly.


Here is where the fun and the hard work begin. The next step is to begin the creative process working with our architects and design team to begin to bring your dreams to life. Taking all that we have learned from you our team puts together an initial concept design and estimated budget. The hard work then comes in the refinement of the design and the budget to fit your expectations and desires.


This begins with a pre-construction meeting that brings the main shareholders to the table to discuss expectations, communication plans, and the construction calendar. HGC prides itself in a personal, attentive, service oriented approach that we feel separates us from our competitors.


In the end, we want you to experience your dreams! We want to hand you the keys to more than a house. We want to hand you a “living work of art” that encapsulates your specific dreams and vision!